DermaPlaning may be the only nonsurgical procedure involving a scalpel. Estheticians across the country are calling this there new “favorite treatment” for physical exfoliation on all skin colors and skin types. DermaPlaning generally excludes the eyelids, nose, chest and neck. Treatment is painless, quick and provides immediate gratification. Physical exfoliation is highly effective for allowing deeper product penetration and triggering cell regeneration. This treatment is ideal if you have dry, rough skin or you wish to minimize acne scaring and even skin tone. In addition to the benefits associated with exfoliation, dermaplaning removes fine hairs on the face, resulting in brighter skin, with a smoother look and feel. We combine this treatment with a low level mandelic acid peel which aide in rejuvenating the skin by making it feel more firm and supple.


1 Treatment:
$ 119

5 Treatments:
$ 500